With me being gone from the States for the past 6 months touring the world, I thought I might get tired of traveling. But lately my adrenaline for traveling has come back again. Before my trip, I applied for a few credit cards to take advantage of the sign up bonuses to help with the travel cost. I promised myself that I would not be applying for credit cards again once I returned. Well, that's hard to do when there are so many potential sign up bonuses out there that can "get me away" again. But I know I have to slow down as I do not want too many inquiries on my credit report. 

For the fun of it though, I am curious to know what other credit cards out there that Chase, Citi, and American Express could offer me. So here's the list of how to check for pre-qualified credit card offers from those banks. 

Please note that, checking for pre-qualified credit card offers is not a credit card application and this process will not affect your credit score. So don’t be scared of providing your last four digits of your SSN. 

On the left hand side, select Check for pre-qualified offers.
Provide your information to check for your offers. 

Scroll down until you see the section that says "PRE-QUALIFIED FOR A CREDIT CARD?” Click on it and provide your information to check for your offers. 

American Express:
On the top menu, select Check for Pre-Qualified Offers
Provide your information to check for your offers. 

Please note that, just because the offers show up for you does not mean you are entitled to being approved for that specific card. Each card issuer has its own underwriting policy to determine your eligibility for its product. However, this check process should at least give you some ideas whether you “may” be approved for what card if you were to apply today, and sometimes they do have signup bonus offers that are targeted only to you. 

Another tool that’s worth to mention is the CardMatch by CreditCards dot com. It’s been reported that some people get different sign up bonuses that are better than the regular offer by using that tool. To do so, simply go to CardMatch Website and provide your information to check for your card offers. 

Good luck!

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