EVA Air Lounge at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
No line for the business class as usual. After I got my boarding pass, in Taiwan you have to make sure your checked bag passes the scan first before heading to the security gate. I was confused for a bit. After passing the immigration point, I went up the escalator to the EVA Air Lounge. Apparently ANA shares the lounge with EVA Air.

I was greeted and there are two ways to get into the lounge: Star and Infinity. I picked Infinity. I went straight to the food section. It's a buffet style and has so many delicious food such as stir fry noodle, my favorite porridge, scrambled eggs & ham, soup, and some buns. There are also fruits, salad, dessert, and various drinks including alcohol beverages too.

I was so full and started checking out the Star section. The set up is a little bit different and brighter. The food section is the same but there are a few food that Infinity doesn't have such as soybean milk and ice cream. I'd say keep your stomach for both sections to get the best experience of the food lounge. The Star's toilet is wicked too! It's heated and controlled by a machine that sprays water out to clean your bum. It even has settings to massage it!! Lol

EVA air lounge has another section called The Garden. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go through it. It's right across the Infinity and Star lounge.

ANA NH1084 Business Class 767 Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) to Tokyo Narita (NRT)
NH1084 Boarding time, after the special needed passengers, it was business/first class passengers. First impression of the seating was that I love the 2-1-2 configuration. I had the 1 seat by myself. The seat is very spacious and pretty wide.

There's a compartment right by the side so it fit my carry on bag perfectly without having to use the cabin. There is a seat control that makes the seat angle flat and feet pedal, making it comfortable for resting.

After the flight took off, warm towels were handed. Flight attandant started getting orders. I had the Charles Collin champagne and snack before lunch.

Then Japanese cuisine for lunch. They have western cuisine too. The Japanese cuisine was delicious (see the menu). Talking of menu, make sure you pull it out from the seat pocket so you are well aware of drinks and meal they are serving.

I felt asleep in my inclined chair comfortably.

That day afterwards, I have another leg of business class from Narita to San Francisco. Review: All Nippon Airways (ANA) NH8 Business Class 777 Tokyo Narita (NRT) to San Francisco (SFO)

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